2020-06-15 watkinsrcleanup master
2020-06-13 watkinsrfix project / rice
2020-06-13 watkinsrUpdate project
2020-06-03 Luke SmithMerge pull request #79 from jbensmann/master
2020-06-02 Luke Smithui fix
2020-06-02 Luke Smithfunding file for github sponsors
2020-06-01 Johannes Bensmannfixed gaps in centeredfloatingmaster layout
2020-05-19 Luke SmithMerge branch 'master' of git://git.suckless.org/dwm
2020-05-16 Luke SmithMerge pull request #68 from vladdoster/patch-1
2020-05-16 Vlad Dosteradd relative link
2020-05-16 Vlad DosterUpdate config.h
2020-05-16 Vlad DosterUpdate config.h
2020-05-16 Vlad Dosterformatting
2020-05-12 Luke SmithMerge pull request #66 from mokulus/stack-fix
2020-05-12 MateuszOkulusFix crashes when stack is empty
2020-05-11 Luke SmithMerge pull request #64 from cm-mcl/master
2020-05-11 cm-mclUpdate dwm.1
2020-05-08 Luke Smithborders red and non-transparent
2020-05-08 Luke Smithv to move to master
2020-05-07 Luke Smithcan shift click modules,
2020-05-07 Luke Smithcommenting unused funcs to avoid build warnings
2020-05-07 Luke Smithmove only by one minute
2020-05-06 Luke Smiththat was removed
2020-05-05 Luke SmithMerge pull request #57 from aajonusonline/master
2020-05-05 Luke Smithdon't swallow if window floats
2020-05-05 Aajonus Onlinefixes previous patch
2020-05-05 Aajonus Onlineswallow patch: unfullscreen client and reset focus
2020-05-05 Luke Smithxev doesn't swallow
2020-05-05 Luke Smithbegin man udpates
2020-05-05 Luke SmithMerge pull request #56 from aajonusonline/master
2020-05-05 Aajonus Onlineswallow patch: fix ignoring of noswallow in config
2020-05-03 Luke Smithsuper+shift+g/; to send to prev/next window
2020-05-03 Luke SmithI think that for the left-hand binds, it's best to
2020-05-03 Luke Smithdwm.png rm'd, me added to lic
2020-05-02 Luke Smithuse blue
2020-05-02 Luke Smithcauses fewer problems
2020-04-26 Luke Smithexpandible scratchpad patch
2020-04-26 Luke Smithsuper+shift+q runs sysact
2020-04-26 Luke Smithold scratchpad patch removed
2020-04-26 Luke SmithMerge branch 'stuff'
2020-04-26 Luke SmithMerge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/dwm...
2020-04-26 Luke Smithdon't necessarily restart dwmblocks
2020-04-26 Luke Smithgitignore
2020-04-26 Luke Smithbig binds change
2020-04-25 Luke SmithMerge pull request #42 from AlexSyssoyev/patch-1
2020-04-25 Alexei SyssoyevChange bg address on xcompmgr toggle
2020-04-25 bakkebydwm crashes when opening 50+ clients (tile layout)
2020-04-22 Chris Downdrawbar: Don't shadow sw global
2020-04-22 Chris Downgetatomprop: Add forward declaration
2020-04-20 Chris Downsetmfact: Unify bounds for compile-time and runtime...
2020-04-17 Luke SmithMerge pull request #36 from jlaw/patch-1
2020-04-17 Jackson Lawfix: Typo; -sb assigned the wrong color
2020-04-15 Luke Smithreadme updates
2020-04-15 Luke Smithold junk rmd
2020-04-15 Luke Smithswallow patch
2020-04-15 Luke SmithMerge branch 'kronikpillow-master'
2020-04-15 Luke SmithMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kronikpillo...
2020-04-15 Luke Smithbindings and documentation cleanup
2020-04-14 Luke Smithsysact to replace system binds
2020-04-14 Luke Smithdwmc removed
2020-04-14 Luke Smithpamixer for quicker audio commands
2020-04-14 Luke Smithlol
2020-04-14 KronikPillowupdated vanitygaps with latest fixes from original...
2020-04-14 Luke SmithMerge branch 'master' of git://git.suckless.org/dwm
2020-04-14 Luke Smithdox on monitor commands
2020-04-14 Luke Smitharrows to tag or focus monitors
2020-04-14 Luke Smithuse pidof
2020-04-14 Luke Smithsuppress if no dwmblocks to kill
2020-04-14 Luke Smithremoving barpadding patch
2020-04-13 Luke Smithreadme fixes/switches
2020-04-13 Luke Smithscroll through on tags
2020-04-13 Luke Smithvanitygaps patch/fix and new & reorganized layouts
2020-04-13 Luke Smithnote on statusbar clickability
2020-04-13 Luke Smithclickable statuscmd patch with dwmblocks
2020-04-13 Luke Smithupdates to restart/quit cmds
2020-04-11 Luke Smithcolorscheme notes
2020-04-11 Luke Smithstartup rmd
2020-04-10 Luke Smithkill -HUP pid to restart, also mod+R
2020-04-09 Luke Smithpulse documentation changes
2020-04-09 Luke SmithMerge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/dwm
2020-04-09 Luke Smithonly show active tags
2020-04-09 Luke Smithstart `startup` script if it exists
2020-04-09 Luke Smithmod+c for calculator
2020-04-09 Luke Smithhardcoding audio system
2020-04-04 Luke SmithMerge pull request #27 from NikkiSatmaka/NikkiSatmaka
2020-04-04 Nikki Satmakaadd xf86brightness up and down
2020-04-03 Hiltjo Posthumaconfig.mk: fix POSIX_C_SOURCE macro for feature test...
2020-04-02 Luke SmithMerge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/dwm
2020-04-02 Luke SmithMerge pull request #24 from jonmed/fix-readme-typo
2020-04-02 Jonatas MedeirosFix libxft-bgra name in README
2020-04-01 Luke Smithrenamed to webcam
2020-04-01 Luke Smithstatusbar info
2020-03-31 Luke Smithdocumentation changes
2020-03-29 Luke Smithlmc required for alsa/pulse integration
2020-03-29 Luke Smithno mpv cache
2020-03-29 Luke Smithonly cycle through active tags
2020-03-29 Luke Smithgimp starts on own tag
2020-03-26 Luke Smithdumb abook hack
2020-03-26 Luke Smithdox change
2020-03-24 Luke Smithemail/scroll dox