project refactor / debloat
authorwatkinsr <>
Sat, 13 Jun 2020 00:20:45 +0000 (01:20 +0100)
committerwatkinsr <>
Sat, 13 Jun 2020 00:20:45 +0000 (01:20 +0100)
project refactor / debloat
59 files changed:
include/ConsoleDebug.h [moved from src/ConsoleDebug.h with 100% similarity]
include/GameLoop.h [new file with mode: 0644]
include/GameMenu.h [moved from src/GameMenu.h with 100% similarity]
include/MainCharacter.h [moved from src/MainCharacter.h with 100% similarity]
include/MainMenu.h [moved from src/MainMenu.h with 100% similarity]
include/Point.h [moved from src/Point.h with 100% similarity]
include/SDL_Font_Setup.h [moved from src/SDL_Font_Setup.h with 100% similarity]
include/SDL_Keyboard.h [moved from src/SDL_Keyboard.h with 100% similarity]
include/SDL_Setup.h [moved from src/SDL_Setup.h with 100% similarity]
include/SDL_Sound.h [moved from src/SDL_Sound.h with 100% similarity]
include/SFXManager.h [moved from src/SFXManager.h with 100% similarity]
include/Sprite.h [moved from src/Sprite.h with 100% similarity]
include/Text.h [moved from src/Text.h with 100% similarity]
include/TextManager.h [moved from src/TextManager.h with 100% similarity]
include/stdafx.h [moved from src/stdafx.h with 100% similarity]
src/Battle.cpp [deleted file]
src/Battle.h [deleted file]
src/BattleManager.cpp [deleted file]
src/BattleManager.h [deleted file]
src/ [deleted file]
src/CollisionRect.cpp [deleted file]
src/CollissionRect.h [deleted file]
src/Enemies.cpp [deleted file]
src/Enemies.h [deleted file]
src/Enemy.cpp [deleted file]
src/Enemy.h [deleted file]
src/EntityManager.cpp [deleted file]
src/EntityManager.h [deleted file]
src/Environment.cpp [deleted file]
src/Environment.h [deleted file]
src/EventManager.cpp [deleted file]
src/EventManager.h [deleted file]
src/FileManagement.cpp [deleted file]
src/FileManagement.h [deleted file]
src/Interaction.cpp [deleted file]
src/Interaction.h [deleted file]
src/Items.cpp [deleted file]
src/Items.h [deleted file]
src/Loot.cpp [deleted file]
src/Loot.h [deleted file]
src/MainMenu.cpp [deleted file]
src/Map.cpp [deleted file]
src/Map.h [deleted file]
src/MapManager.cpp [deleted file]
src/MapManager.h [deleted file]
src/NPC.cpp [deleted file]
src/NPC.h [deleted file]
src/NPCManager.cpp [deleted file]
src/NPCManager.h [deleted file]
src/PlayerManager.cpp [deleted file]
src/PlayerManager.h [deleted file]
src/Quests.cpp [deleted file]
src/Quests.h [deleted file]
src/Tree.cpp [deleted file]
src/Tree.h [deleted file]
src/resource.h [deleted file]