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#pragma once
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <complex>
using namespace std;
using QuantumGate = vector<vector<complex<double>>>;
class QReg
QReg(size_t numberOfQubits, int init_bit)
numberOfQubits = numberOfQubits;
qubits = (int *)calloc(sizeof(int), numberOfQubits);
numberOfAmplitudes = (1 << numberOfQubits);
QuantumGate matrix_(numberOfAmplitudes, vector<complex<double>>(1));
amplitude_matrix = matrix_;
amplitude_matrix[init_bit][0] = 1;
void applyGateToSystem(QuantumGate gate);
QuantumGate dot_product_amplitudes(QuantumGate gate);
void printAmplitudes();
static QuantumGate tensor(QuantumGate A, QuantumGate B);
const static QuantumGate HAD_GATE;
const static QuantumGate ID_GATE;
const static QuantumGate CNOT_GATE;
static void printGate(QuantumGate gate);
static QuantumGate getGateByString(const char* gate);
int numberOfQubits;
int numberOfAmplitudes;
int *qubits;
vector<vector<complex<double>>> amplitude_matrix;